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High-quality products will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Badly translated product information or a poorly localized user interface will do the same—in a negative manner. In the worst case scenario it can even harm the professional image of your business and, in fact, turn clients away.

I can help you expand your business by providing translations and localized content that will be perfectly adjusted to the target audience in Poland.

Please note that I do not provide 'sworn translations' required by Polish institutions.


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About me

I have been in the translation industry since 1999, starting off as an in-house translator from German into Polish. DE→PL remains my main language pair in which, over the years, I have completed a wide variety of projects for both direct clients and translation agencies. My second language pair is EN→PL.

Before going freelance in 2002, I worked as head of the German Language Unit at Lomac LLC, a medium-sized Polish translation and localisation company based in Bydgoszcz (which is now the Polish office of SDL plc).

In 2016, I established my own business (sole proprietorship, registered for VAT in the EU).

Prior to that I worked for over a decade as a research assistant at one of the youngest universities in Poland. My teaching included German language at levels B2-C2, specialized lectures in Linguistics, as well as courses in Literary Translation and Technical Translation with CAT-Tools.*

I continue to maintain links with academia through a close collaboration with the Center for Language Evolution Studies at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.

* Here is my archived teaching website »


Skills and resources

translator's competence gained through 18 years of professional experience

linguistic skills and intercultural know-how (trained linguist, former university lecturer)

advanced user of systems for computer-aided translation and adaptation of content (preferably used: SDL Trados Studio, CafeTran Espresso) and branch-specific software (online glossaries, wikis, databases, scripting tools)

skilled user of MS Office and Adobe software (under both Windows and Mac OS)

an up-to-date desktop computer (iMac 27″ 5K, 4 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 32 GB RAM)

broadband internet access (high-speed glass fibre)


Arkadiusz Jasiński – freelance translator DE→PL, EN→PL, PL→DE

professional translation services

German ► Polish
English ► Polish


How many words do you translate per day?
My average daily output is between 1500 and 2000 words. As my offer includes extended proofreading, I usually try not to exceed 1500 words per day.
The turnaround time for your project depends as much on the subject matter, as on the purpose of the translation (e.g. whether it is meant to be published or not) and its intended readership.
Feel free to contact me today for a no-obligation quote, tailored to your project's needs.
How do you ensure the quality of your translations?
  1. I accept only jobs that I can competently handle;
  2. my translation service includes at least two proofreading steps, and the final round of proofreading is always completed on a hard copy
  3. I am proficient in using CAT tools, various web design tools, and industry-standard DTP software.
What is a CAT tool?
In short, it’s a kind of database software for professional translators.
A decent CAT tool (my favorites are Trados and CafeTran) will recognize and properly "tag" those terms, expressions and parts of sentences which have been already translated in previous work. This ensures that your preferred terminology will be used consistently throughout the text as well as in any subsequent projects.
Do you collaborate with an external proofreader?
Yes, I do. Upon request I can also engage additional reviewers with appropriate expertise to compare my translation with the source text.
What about confidentiality?
All enquiries and documents are handled in strict confidence and are not disclosed to others without your written permission.
If you are representing a translation agency and are interested in a long-term business relationship, I am happy to consider signing an NDA.
Will my documents be secure?
Unlike many other providers, I never use cloud storage services for work-related files. All project files are stored on my local hard drives, and are uniquely identified by project/date stamps for secure long-term backup.

How can I submit my text for translation?
I work only on electronic files. Please attach the file(s) with the text to be translated to your e-mail. An FTP upload is available for large files (please let me know in advance).
I need a website translated …
Absolutely! Just email me all the .php, .html, or .htm files directly (as a compressed attachment). I will maintain the same format during translation and deliver the translated files ready for you to upload them onto your server.
So, exactly what file formats can you handle?
I can work with a wide range of document types, including, among others, the following applications:
  • Microsoft Office Suite (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Adobe Creative Suite (e.g. InDesign, Illustrator, PDF/Acrobat)
  • QuarkXPress
  • Programming/markup languages (e.g. HTML, XML, PHP)
  • Content management systems (e.g. WordPress, SPIP)
  • Online applications (e.g. SurveyMonkey)
When can I expect my quote to be delivered?
During my office hours (1:00 AM—4:00 PM) I am usually able to respond to your enquiry within minutes. Otherwise you can expect to hear back from me within 1 business day.
After receiving the text for translation (or at least a representative sample) I will prepare a quote tailored to your specific project.
Are you available at the moment?
Please check my availability calendar before making an inquiry.

How do you calculate your prices?
As each text will have its own challenges, the price of a translation can vary substantially according to its (1) subject, (2) volume, and (3) delivery deadline.
Depending on the client's location and/or preferences, translations may be priced per word or per standard page, standard line (German-speaking countries) or even per 1000 words (UK) – based on the source text, i.e. the original text to be translated.
The rate ranges shown on the pricing page reflect my standard rates for translations into Polish.
Do you issue EU VAT invoices?
Yes, I am registered for VAT in the EU (intra-Community transactions, B2B).
What payment methods do you accept?
At the moment I only accept payments via bank transfer to my Polish bank account, in Polish Zloty (PLN) or Euro (EUR).
What are your terms of service?
Please consult the General Terms and Conditions for the provision of translation services by Studio De Arkadiusz Jasiński.

Studio De

Workflow / Quality

Arkadiusz Jasinski

Freelance translator DE→PL since 1999

Having an academic background in German studies, I worked for over a decade as a university lecturer in linguistics, German literature and translation, before becoming full time freelance translator in August 2016.

I translate exclusively into my mother tongue in order to guarantee a clear and fluent text that suits its purpose.