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Each text is different. That is why I can give you only a rate range as a rough idea of the costs involved.

Translation from German into Polish:
 source line (55 char.) 

 EUR 0.50 – 0.80
net per line

 source word 

 EUR 0.07 – 0.11
net per word

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Workflow / Quality
Verification of translated texts provided by the Client:
  • reviewing: 75% of the rate for translation
  • bilingual editing, including verification of terminology: 60%
  • monolingual proofreading (grammar, spelling only): 40%
Arkadiusz Jasiński – freelance translator DE→PL, EN→PL, PL→DE

professional translation services

German ► Polish
English ► Polish

I would be more than happy to provide you with a free, non-binding offer. In order to do so, I will need a representative sample of the text, which can be sent to me via email or FTP.

I am VAT registered in the EU: PL5591317049 (intra-Community transactions, B2B). At the moment I only accept payments via wire transfer to my Polish bank account, in Polish Zloty (PLN) or Euro (EUR).

There are three main factors that go into a quote for translation services:

  1. text volume
    The translation cost is based on the number of words of the source text, i.e. the original text to be translated.*
  2. the type of text
    The rates vary depending on the complexity of the project. Whereas marketing texts will typically allow for more creativity, the technical ones may require time-consuming research in order to ensure a correct and high quality translation.
  3. the urgency of the translation
    The requested delivery date is also an important cost factor. Please consider that my daily productivity thresholds for translation work are as follows:  
    Standard translation
    —up to 1500 words per day (ca. 6 pages à 1500 char.)
    Express (50% surcharge)
    —max. 2250 words / 9 pages per day


SDL Certification

When translating large-volume projects, technical texts etc. I offer the following discounts for matches from the client's TM:

match range % discount adjusted word count
CM 0 =  [CM]*0
Repetitions 0.2 =  [Repetitions]*0.2
100% 0.2 =  [100% Matches]*0.2
99–95% 0.3 =  [99–95% Matches]*0.3
94–85% 0.5 =  [94–85% Matches]*0.5
84–75% 0.7 =  [84–75% Matches]*0.7
74–50% 1 =  [74–50% Matches]*1
No Match 1 =  [No Match]*1
Total adjusted word count =  sum of the above figures


my offer   quality

* Optional: pricing based on a standard line (1 line = 55 characters incl. spaces) or alternate methods, upon request. If it is not possible to count the words and/or characters in the source text, price calculations are done based on the finished (translated) text.

Arkadiusz Jasinski

Freelance translator DE→PL since 1999

I transitioned to full-time freelancer (B2B, EU VAT-registered) in the summer of 2016, leaving academia after 10+ years of work in a graduate department of German Studies. Prior to that, I worked for several years as an in-house translator at a global, industry-leading localization company.

I translate exclusively into my native language (Polish) in order to guarantee a clear and fluent text that suits its purpose.